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Are Weed Bars at Weddings Kosher?
Among the features: an eco hemp and silk wedding dress, a bud-infused bouquet and boutonniere, cannabis leaf pizzelles, and silver vape pens. The venue, a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast, didn't allow actually smoking on the premises. (Allegedly.).
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Drones for Your Dro: The New Aerial Dealer
San Francisco-based startup Trees Delivery is taking to the skies with an appropriate new take on marijuana delivery. Employing aerial drones to do the dirty work, the company is gearing up to carve a niche within an industry on the cusp of flourishing.
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New vape store opens in Village
A vape business co-owned by a Ball State junior and his brother expanded into the Village over the summer in an effort to reach the college demographic. Located … Vapors are sold in a variety of flavors, which is a large component of the vape pen …
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Smoked Sunshine – July Flashback – Erika Fizzles But Florida Flood Risk Remains
… Katrina making landfall on August 29, 2005. This image was generated with the Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers (VAPOR) tool and ImageMagick." … If 20th-century human invention could go from the …
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Saturday's Hot Shots 3-on-3 results
Heat: Mixed Brothers 20, The Z Warriors 12; CAWA Squad 19, Four Loks 9; Ausom Vapor 16, Team Hustle 5; HD MD 7, Do You Even 6; Lakers Price, Some Guys; Mixed Brothers 8, Northwest Boyz 7; CAWA Squad 21, Rain Drops 7; HDMD 7, Ausom Vapor 5; …
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Borough mayor vetoes tax on vapes, e-cigs
A starter vaporizer retailing at about $ 55 dollars would thus cost about $ 85 under the ordinance. The state does not presently tax e-cigarettes or vaporizers. The borough already taxes various types of cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco and snuff at …
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New cannabis bar opens, Guerrilla grow busted, PTSD sufferers sue, and more.
Goodman has teamed up with local vaporizer company Silver Surfer to stock Dab with Silver Surfers for both flower and concentrates. He's also bought scented oil trays for his vaporizers — they can do double duty as aromatherapy for … Service …
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Marijuana TV Commercial Airs In Eugene And Medford After Portland Rejects It

Marijuana TV Commercial Airs In Eugene And Medford After Portland Rejects It
A commercial for a cannabis vaporizer was supposed to air in Colorado, but was pulled at the last minute recently and some medical marijuana clinics, like Ashland Alternative Health, have advertised on television, but this is, I believe, the first …
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This Couple's Weed Wedding Will Make You Wish It Were 4/20 Every Day
… pot has been legal since 2012. "We asked a friend to man a weed bar for us," one Colorado weed wife explained to the Huffington Post last year. "He rolled some pretty funny joints, like a tulip, which I'd never seen before, and we mostly used …
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Philly420: UPenn doctor's convincing case for medical marijuana
Legally, I'm not sure. But technically? It should be simple. Marijuana is available as edibles and tinctures, which could be administered by a hospital pharmacy like other medications. Smoking wouldn't be possible, obviously. But use of a vaporizer might.

New local businesses bring more variety to Main St.

New local businesses bring more variety to Main St.
Business partners John Cooney and Garret Schloss opened a vaporizer shop called Back to the Vape at 173 S Main St, where hippy themed shop Heathers used to be. Cooney said that the shop is open, but that the official opening day will happen during …
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Public opinion shifting as drug becomes part of life
Companies like Harborside Health Center in Oakland, a leading medical marijuana dispensary in the country, and Vape World, an online vaporizer shop based in Florida, send her products to give her followers. The cannabis community listens to bloggers …

New businesses put Richmond on the food map

New businesses put Richmond on the food map
Khanh Ly presses cake into forms for triple chocolate mousse cake at Galaxy Desserts in Richmond, Calif., on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015. Lured by cheaper rents, more space and a friendly business environment, Galaxy Desserts is one of a number of large …
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Grand jury indicts alleged Quincy drug dealer
Cameron Jones, 27, of 614 Willard St., Apt. 2, faces a slew of charges including trafficking more than 200 grams of cocaine, manufacturing hash oil and possession of a variety of drugs with the intent of distributing them. An alleged accomplice, Devan …
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E-spliff on sale in UK designed to relieve pain minus the high
It's not the first low THC e-cigarette in the UK – a similar device called KanaVape has been on sale since last year – but MediPen is the first designed to give a high dose of CBD. It contains hemp oil imbued with 20 per cent CBD compared with KanaVape …
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