The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy | Josh Stanley | TEDxBoulder

Josh will sift through the propaganda, fear and greed encompassing medical marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his brothers developed a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. With millions facing life-threatening illnesses, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect social change and maps a path toward helping those who desperately need revolutionary medicine.

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CBD Rich Medical Cannabis

CBD (cannabidiol), a substance found in medical cannabis, will one day be recognized as one of the world’s most valuable medicines. CBD produces many of the medical benefits of cannabis but suppresses—or balances—the psychoactive effects of THC. It is a powerful preventive, curative and holistic medicine for some of the most serious diseases plaguing humankind – diseases like cancer and epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

It’s also a great alternative for anybody who finds today’s cannabis too strong, or who just wants to access the therapeutic and wellness effects of cannabis without its psychoactive properties for whatever reason.

Both THC and CBD are part of an estimated 85 different chemical compounds found in cannabis known as cannabinoids. Each strain of cannabis medicine contains varying quantities of the different cannabinoids, which is why some strains work better for patients than others do. Strains that contain more CBD than THC are known as CBD-rich strains, and have quite different effects from THC-rich strains.

Our medical cannabis dispensary, has made a special effort to provide a regular selection of CBD-rich cannabis medicines for patients who prefer them. This often includes patients with serious illnesses that respond to CBD, such as seniors, as well as new users who may view its psychoactive effects as undesirable. Patients who began using cannabis in the 1960s and 1970s also prefer CBD-rich medicine since most strains from back in those times contained higher levels of CBD.

Federal crackdowns on outdoor cannabis cultivation in the 1980s and 1990s forced growers to move indoors and plant under high-intensity lamps, which unlike sun-grown cannabis, is a much more expensive (and environmentally destructive) method of cultivation. In order to recoup the increased cost of production, growers sought out ever more potent strains of cannabis, because they fetched a higher price in the illicit marketplace. In turn, underground breeders propagated increasingly stronger strains of cannabis. In the process, the breeders almost eliminated CBD from the nation’s cannabis supply, because it had no value in the underground market.

Before the availability of lab testing for cannabis, breeders had no way of knowing how they were affecting CBD content. And in those days, very little had been discovered about its medical benefits.

After we became the first dispensary to lab test cannabis, we discovered the extreme shortage of CBD in our available supply of alternative medicine. In order to make sure all our patients who needed CBD were able to obtain it, we launched a breeding and cultivation program in Europe to increase the amount of CBD-rich medicine on our shelves.

Today, we offer several different types of CBD-rich products and alternative medicine to all patients worldwide every day, as well as CBD-rich oils.
High Grade CBD (Cannabidiol) Rich Hemp Oil

CBD Rich Hemp Oil is an oil extracted from Industrial Hemp plants (stalks and seeds) with a High Grade of Cannabidiol (CBD). The plants used are specifically and uniquely bred to comprise high concentrations of the naturally occurring Cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD). Our All Natural High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil is derived from specially bred Industrial Hemp plants with a high CBD content. It’s a wholesome extract, not synthetic and not an isolate. It is not mixed with hemp seed oil. Our product is raw, which is one of the many reasons why it’s the best. It contains all the synergistic Cannabinoids, Essential Oils, Terpenoids and other compounds found in the original Hemp plant. is proud to offer the finest, most natural and consistent High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil with no fillers, preservatives or additives. Our All Natural High Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil is scientifically formulated and made for consumers who want the highest quality Natural CBD designed to yield overall health and wellness benefits by utilizing CBD (Cannabidiol) as a nutritional and dietary supplement. It is 100% natural and derived from the federally legal industrial hemp plant with less than .03% THC, it’s legal and available to ship to all 50 states and over 40 countries.

The Uses of Hemp

Hemp is a commonly used word for the Cannabis crop used in industry rather than the type of Cannabis used for recreational drug use. The simple definition of hemp is a herb. Industrial hemp is produced in many countries in the world, the major producers being Canada, France and China. Hemp is a bio mass which has widespread uses in many industries. It is used in textile industry, paper industry, biodegradable plastics, food and fuel.

Hemp can also be viewed as one of those products which support the objectives of Green Living. This is because hemp is one of those industrial products which do not need any pesticides or herbicides, besides prevent soil erosion and also produce oxygen. They can also be substituted for harmful products containing chemicals and dioxins which decompose very easily.

Hemp is used in clothing by using a blend of flax, cotton or silk and can be put to use in furnishings as well. The inner two fibers are woodier in texture and can be used in non woven items like animal bedding and litter. Research proves that hemp, being a strong and quick growing fiber, can produce 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax.

The oil obtained from the seeds of hemp can be utilized in manufacture of oil-based paints, in cooking and also in plastics and creams. Hemp, as a fiber, is a vital raw material needed to produce ropes, sacks and canvasses. Other general uses of hemp include its usage in some countries to strengthen concrete. Hempcrete is that material used commonly in France, which contains hemp and serves as a construction material. Moreover, hemp is used to produce such a bio composite which Mercedes uses in order to manufacture the internal panel in some of its automobiles.

The use of this Asian herb cannot be restricted to one particular industry. Apart from being used in construction work, hemp is also an abundantly used product in food items. It contains about 80% of fatty acids and even larger proportions of amino acids which are necessary for a healthy life. It can be consumed directly in the form of salads or the seeds can be used to produce hemp milk or in baking and even in a range of products varying from cereals to hemp protein powder, non dairy hemp ice cream and many others. Hempseed oil is a dietary supplement and being edible oil it has one of the major advantages attributable to its storage; it can be frozen for longer periods of time and generally does not need any preservatives to retain its quality. Iron deficiency is rampant worldwide and hempseed is viewed as one of the healthiest ways to overcome such deficiency, since it contains calcium and iron along with other minerals. Its anti inflammatory property highlights its use as a medicine as well.

Hemp has more eco friendly benefits to offer which include its properties as a purifier to remove impurities from waste water and other by products. To add to its eco friendly nature, hemp also helps in killing weeds, since it has abundant growth and dense plant leaves. It thus helps to boost organic farming by discouraging the use of herbicides for weed control.

Previously, till the Industrial revolution hemp was used in almost every industry but gradually each industry substituted the use of hemp with the use of some other fiber. Filtered hemp oil was once used to power diesels as well but we do not see that happening now. In the same way, the use of hemp in ropes was replaced by abaca or manila, while its use in manufacturing sacks was replaced by jute. Use of wool and nylon became very common in the carpet industry while synthetics and cotton took over the netting applications. Hemp pulp was once popularly used in paper production and holds very little significance as a raw material to manufacture paper, as with improvement in technology, it is wood pulp which has proven more environment-friendly and also cost effective.

Not ignoring the multitude of ways hemp can be used, it cannot be denied either that the industry does not remain a very large but developments are being made to revive it.

Segun Olowookere recently started his own clothing company called Lowooke who speciallise in designing, producing and distributing a range of clothing aimed at the urban and youth market. The apparel that Lowooke sells is produced using organic materials that have been ethically sourced. You can view their range of Urban Clothing London at

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The Weed Life Network for Cannabis Officially Launches On-line and Already Finds Pent-Up Demand for Its Services

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) March 16, 2015

The Weed Life Network officially launched on Monday – but it has already attracted tens of thousands of consumers and businesses looking to connect and communicate about everything related to the rapidly-growing legal marijuana industry.

The brainchild of Andy Rodosevich and Shawn Tapp, the principal investors behind Life Venture Capital (LVC), The Weed Life Network currently features more than a dozen stand-alone web sites and mobile applications developed specifically for cannabis business and culture.

The network’s flagship site,, allows marijuana consumers to gather online as a community, to connect, share and learn from each other, while helping to establish and strengthen brand recognition for existing and future marijuana-related products.

“ is a cannabis social network where everyone can come and find information, share stories, share images and interact on a social platform with other people that are in the cannabis industry,” said LVC’s Rodosevich.

“This type of social platform helps new and existing businesses in this rapidly-changing industry to learn about their consumers, and adapt their products and services to them faster,” added Tapp. also allows its users to remain anonymous and interact freely on the network, without fear of potential negative feedback from friends, family or employers.

The “big brother” website to is, the industry’s first business social network. Going beyond the basic principles of a social platform, WeedCircles boasts more than a dozen free-to-use online marketing and advertising tools for cannabis businesses.

Each tool, website and app is integrated in to the overall Weed Life platform, creating singular access points in WeedCircles for managing and marketing content that gets distributed throughout multiple sites in the network.

“We wanted to build a platform that could be eventually opened up to other developers in the industry, so they too could add their own creations and content,” said Tapp, “so they can utilize The Weed Life Network as a springboard for distributing their content and creations.”

“The end result is faster, better information that helps cannabis businesses adapt quicker to a seemingly ever-changing industry that’s now in its infancy,” said Rodosevich. “It also helps them collaborate and even partner with one another, in order to provide a better product to consumers.”

The Weed Life Network has also introduced a unique, all-things-cannabis online news presence called, which features the latest in marijuana-related information, medical news, financial analysis, political updates and entertainment trends.

Weed Life went “beta” on New Year’s Day, after two years of development. And while in that preliminary and unofficial testing mode it has seen around 40,000 unique users each week from businesses and consumers in the cannabis industry.

“We really want The Weed Life Network to help businesses connect with each other and with their customers,” said Tapp, “and to let cannabis consumers connect with those businesses, along with advocates or other people who simply enjoy marijuana.”

“This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States,” added Rodosevich. “It’s a well-established demographic that is itching for an online social and business presence that it can call its own.”

The launch of the network is just the first in a three-phase release of web sites and applications by LVC. When all three phases are completed by mid-2015, Life Venture Capital expects to have more than 40 cannabis-related web sites and apps available, to be used by both cannabis businesses and the general public.

For more information, visit:

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Vaping a 510 E Cigarette

Using tobacco is usually a drag nowadays, excuse the pun. Today, many reasons exist for why smoking a cigarette won’t just kill you, but will inconvenience you likewise. With the deadly effects that cigarette smoking might have with a person, there may be numerous things that make this habit quite inconvenient and bothersome. If you’re a smoker, you no doubt know what those inconveniences are. Fortunately, there’s a completely new product around that is definitely proving to turn into a better alternative to a tobacco-based cigarette. They’re electric cigarettes much like the 510 e cigarette, which looks to provide the smoking public with something that’s relatively safer and even more simple to use.

Individuals have been smoking tobacco since the time of ancient Mayas and Aztecs, as smoking was a fundamental element of their religion and culture, based on Frank Robicsek, author of the book Smoke: Ritual Smoking in Central America. Today though, smoking may be a personal practice of numerous people around the world. Everyday millions of people get hold of a pack of their preferred brand cigarettes, put a stick to their mouths, light it up, and receive a puff. With the e-cigarette, including a 510 e cigarette, a person will use a much easier method of getting his nicotine fix.

An e-cigarette is surely an electronic device that intends to change the tobacco cigarette as the way in which people all over the world manage to get their nicotine fix. An e-cigarette the same as the 510 e cigarette performs this through three components: the mouthpiece (cartridge) containing the e-liquid, the heater (atomizer), as well as the battery and electronics.

Smoking an e-cigarette for instance the 510 e cigarette is quite the same as smoking a tobacco cigarette, you put it inside your mouth and get a hit, but instead of lighting the e-cigarette you switch it on while using the electronics and battery; and as opposed to burning tobacco leaves, you evaporate the e-liquid while in the cartridge while using the Joye 510 atomizer.

Smoking an e-cigarette brings unprecedented advantages over smoking regular tobacco. Firstly, tobacco cigarettes are much more expensive than e-cigarettes, wherein the one thing you’ll need to replace is the e-liquid included in the cartridge and the atomizer for instance the Joye 510 atomizer, which could serve you for a reasonable length of time. Second, when vaping while on an e-cigarette, you won’t need to pollute the earth as you won’t be littering any cigarette butts.

Another significant advantage that the e-cigarette has over the standard tobacco cigarette is that often an e-cigarette doesn’t have as much dangerous substances that your tobacco cigarette has. A tobacco cigarette has a large number of toxic substances which include tar and other harmful carcinogens, in comparison with simply the nicotine and a few other harmless pharmaceutical substances within the e-liquid.

So if you’re fed up with the irritations and inconveniences that accompany smoking smelly cigarettes, then just get yourself some e-cigarettes, which will make sure you get your nicotine fix while in the fastest way possible.

Edel is a regular e-cigarette vaper who suggests all her smoker friends to switch to using products like e-cigs and joye 510.

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Republican Utah State Senator Mark Madsen Advocates the Legalization of Cannabis in Exclusive Video Interview with

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

A conservative Republican Utah state senator has a “420” message for America: “It’s time to legalize medical cannabis.” In an exclusive video interview released this morning at, Utah State Senator Mark Madsen discusses his own personal use of medical cannabis and advocates for national reform.

“We need to work from the principles of freedom and compassion and let the policy grow from there,” says Madsen. “I believe we should allow individuals and their physicians to make their own decisions on whether medical cannabis is an augmentation or an alternative to other traditional medical treatments. Government has no legitimate place in that process.”

In the exclusive interview for the April 20th, 2015 episode #4 of the 8 week Drug Policy Project of Utah video series released at, Madsen revealed that in 2007, he was nearly killed by an accidental overdose of fentanyl when a patch his doctor prescribed accidentally tore and released a fatal dose of the opiate.

Madsen was the sponsor of recent legislation in the state, S.B. 259, which would have legalized the cultivation, production, sale and possession of whole-plant medical cannabis for a range of conditions. ( The bill was narrowly defeated by one flipped vote in the senate in March.

Shortly before introducing S.B. 259, Madsen travelled to Colorado to try medical cannabis, which he said provided great relief for his chronic back pain. In the video interview at, Madsen says that he was inspired by the families lobbying for legislation which was passed in 2014 legalizing high-CBD medical cannabis extracts for epileptic patients.

“[These children] had been struggling with severe seizures up to the point of death,” Madsen says. “I realized it was misguided government policy that was keeping relief from these innocents and I started to take a different perspective. It wasn’t just about me and my back pain. There are other people suffering, and suffering worse than I, who could benefit from this. When it became an issue that was not just about me I realized I had to do something.”

Madsen is a Republican Utah State Senator representing the 13th District, which includes some of the most conservative parts of the traditionally conservative state. Madsen was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Colorado. He is a proud NRA member and attorney who has championed libertarian causes during his tenure in the Utah State Senate.

Madsen is the grandson of Ezra Taft Benson, President Eisenhower’s secretary of agriculture and president and prophet of the Mormon Church from the mid-eighties until the time of his death in 1994.

The video interview was released as a collaboration between the Drug Policy Project of Utah and Illegally Healed. For more information, please visit:

About #illegallyhealed

Illegally Healed is the largest repository for personal stories of people who have used medical cannabis. The site includes information and resources to help people seeking alternatives to help cope and potentially lead to a solution for a variety common health problems. To find find out more, please visit:

About Drug Policy Project of Utah

Drug Policy Project of Utah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to reform state drug policies, promoting sensible changes to the law that facilitate legal access to medical products that can improve and even save live. To find out more, please visit:

New Digital Marketing Agency Aims for Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industry

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Planet Media today announced the launch of Studio 420, a digital marketing agency that will cater specifically to the international marijuana and cannabis industry.

Studio 420 will utilize the resources of its parent company, Planet Media, a leading Denver-based digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience in providing company and product branding services, website design and development, ecommerce and online shopping and digital marketing strategies.

The offshoot venture was launched in response to the rapid maturity of the cannabis industry. As more providers — retailers, medicinal shops and others — compete for cannabis dollars, Studio 420 can help ensure a more strategic online presence for companies facing ever more sophisticated competition.

“The recent momentum of the legalization of marijuana inspires us, and we are eager to help solidify the industry,” said Kurt Whitt, Founder & Chief Marketing Architect of Planet Media. “We were intrigued by the passing of Amendment 64. We knew that there would be tremendous upside potential for companies that could contribute to the development of the mainstream cannabis industry.”

About Studio 420

Studio 420 is owned and operated by Planet Media, a privately held Limited Liability Corporation incorporated in the State of Colorado, which was established in 1999 in Mountain View, California and founded by Kurt Whitt, a Silicon Valley business executive with more than 25 years of experience in Internet and web based businesses, interactive television, new media, broadcast and broadband communications.

For additional information on Studio 420, please visit our website at or phone the Denver studio at 303-295-1402.

Studio 420

A Planet Media Company

2100 16th Street

Unit 203

Denver, CO 80202



View this Press Release Online at

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